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Stiki? Wory? Storiki? Wikory? [Jun. 16th, 2006|12:11 pm]
The Hidden Threads
[i'm cross-posting this to my own LJ, so my apologies if you see it more than once.]

I'll explain the title in a minute.

A few weeks ago, while i was driving to work, i had an Idea. I wanted to pounce on it right then and there, to toss the idea around on LJ, get some folks all interested and get something rolling RIGHT NOW. Or right then, rather.

While i discussed the idea with 2-3 people, i haven't actually done overmuch about it as of yet. I could be all "No Really, I Did That On Purpose" and say that i wanted to let the Idea Juices ferment to see if time would make wine or vinegar of them. The simple truth is that i've just been incredibly busy/exhausted. But i have still been pondering, still thinking, and find that several weeks later, i still really want to do this. Or rather, i want to be a part of this.

So what's the This?

I do a lot of reading at wikipedia, and oftentimes i'll look up a different fairy tales or bits of folklore. More often than not, i'll find a page =about= the story in question, but not the story itself. So i was thinking hey, wouldn't it be cool if someone set up a wiki that contained nothing but folklore, fairy tales (and maybe even scary round-the-campire type stories)?

It wouldn't be for copy-pasting things from The Pink Fairy Book, nor would it be for people re-writing known fairy tales from different points of view (a la Wicked)... it would be for writing down all of the word-of-mouth stories that we've heard.

No copyrighted material, nothing strictly original. If people want to post the Grimms fairy tales, then it would have to be their own retellings of it, not the originals. And because it would be in wiki format, other people could edit it, add bits of flavour (or just correct spelling/grammar, lol). An electronic spin on oral tradition, i suppose.

I've been tossing the idea around and wondering what sort of stories might qualify. Urban legends? I suppose those might only work if the emphasis was on the quality of the story, and not specifically about the debunking, or the story behind the story. Perfect example: i'd be interested in reading a well-written story of Resurrection Mary, but if i wanted to read about the history of the story, that's what wikipedia is for. Ghost stories could also work, i think.

I'm curious to hear what other folks might be interested in seeing there. I hope people won't be horribly offended when i say that i already know this: No Fanfic. There are already plenty of fanfic sites out there.

I've tried to find out if anyone else has done this, and it doesn't appear to already exist. Then again, i don't know if this is something i could be able to get people interested in enough to actually participate; and it is something that would require other people actually chipping in.

When i set this up, i'm going to try setting it up with the same wiki script that wikipedia uses so that people who area already familiar with using wikipedia will already have some idea of how to work with this. It also means that there will be plenty resources for How To Use It for everyone involved. I'll be working on installing the wiki this weekend.

Now... about the subject: i have no idea what to call it. I was thinking about Jim Henson's Storyteller series, and that made me want to call it something similar.

So... What you guys think? You interested? Would you be willing and able to participate?