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Something I should've posted LONG ago [Sep. 13th, 2008|04:09 pm]
The Hidden Threads
[mood |thoughtfulthoughtful]

I came across these lyrics a while back and fell in love with them. I had a feeling that nalidoll would, too, and then decided that perhaps all of you would appreciate getting to read them.

Song: The True Story Here
By Seanan McGuire

They'll speak of girls in cloaks like flame
That flickered through the wood;
They'll speak in riddles, hide her name,
As if they ever could

Know the secret reasons why
She ventured from the path;
Ask her now, and she'll reply
With nothing but a laugh --

They're gnawing bones in the dark of the story,
Bitter hyenas all scavenging scraps.
They're gnawing bones in the foothills of glory,
Victims of hunters and hobbled by traps.
They see a little girl, they look no deeper;
Scavengers never see anything true.
They're weaving prisons that never can keep her.
Blood burns like fire, and it always burns through.

They'll speak of wolves in twisting words
That strike and bite like knives;
They'll make their judgments, so assured
That all deceit survives

Hiding wolves in wicked skins
Their darkest sides preserved,
But what's the truth, so deep within
The wood all unobserved?

They're gnawing bones in the hope of a slaughter,
Bitter hyenas all chasing their tails.
They're gnawing bones while the red-hooded daughter
Of something far older steps free of their trails.
They see a little girl, gray wolf behind her;
Scavengers never see anything true.
They say the wolf is her death, come to find her.
Blood burns like fire, and it always burns through.

They'll speak of girls who met their fate
In shadows in the wood;
They'll say the woodsman came too late.
They never understood --

She cast her cloak and skin aside
She fought to claim her place.
It's true, the girl they speak of died;
She didn't leave a trace...

They're gnawing bones never seeing the reason,
Bitter hyenas too blind to be told.
They're gnawing bones while the moon comes in season
All of the cubs coming back to the fold.
They see a little girl, buy her deception,
Scavengers never see anything true --
This was her destiny, sealed at conception.
Blood burns like fire, and it always burns through.

The true story here was the wolf and her mother;
The true story here was a promise once made.
The true story here was a fate to discover.
She knew what she did when she entered the glade...

The true story here was a cloak left discarded;
The true story here was too simple to see.
The true story here was the wisdom imparted
By the wolf, by my father, when he said to me...

"They'll speak of girls in cloaks like flame;
They'll offer cruel advice.
They'll tell them wolves bring only shame,
Don't listen to them twice;

They'll tell their children, never heed
The things a wolf might say...
They'll tell their woodsmen, 'make them bleed.'
My darling, come away..."

"They're gnawing bones in the depths of their loathing,
Bitter hyenas who hate what runs free.
Let them be monsters in better men's clothing;
We'll run in shadows, and always run free.
They saw a little girl; leave them to wonder.
Scavengers never see anything true.
We'll run like the lightning, we'll howl like the thunder.
Blood burns like fire, and it always burns through.
Blood is the gift of the wolf, left for you."

Wish I could tell you how the music goes. I'm not sure the author herself knew at the time, though perhaps that has changed.

Much love,
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Books to share... [Apr. 12th, 2008|01:50 pm]
The Hidden Threads

I know, I know... two posts in one day here. I'm sure it is one of the signs of the Endtimes....

But though I be a seriously negligent community Mama, I do *think* often and fondly of having the time and brainpower to actually post here.

In the meantime...
We have a few folks about these parts who have published their own Fairy Tale Themed works.
I would love to see any/all of ya'll posting/sharing/pimping your own books and stories. My only requirement, really, is that it (of course) actually be Fairy Tale related. I'd very much like to see some explanation of which themes are explored in said writings, and perhaps review/discussion in comments where possible, but that is really up to ya'll.

A quick glance over what I have typed tells me I am quickly lapsing into Texan, so I'll cut this short. I probably need to eat, or something, so I can get back to communicating in actual English.
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book sale [Apr. 12th, 2008|02:26 pm]
The Hidden Threads

I'm selling off quite a load of fairy tale related books, both fiction and non-fiction, over on my journal. Today's post is just the beginning. Go on over and take a peek if you feel so inclined.
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It's been awhile, but I wanted to share this... [Oct. 16th, 2007|01:29 pm]
The Hidden Threads

I've posted a link to Neil Gaiman's poem "Instructions" before...

I rather liked his reading of it.

(With thanks to the endicottstudio blog for passing it along.)
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This Looks Interesting... [Nov. 16th, 2006|04:32 pm]
The Hidden Threads

One of my friends posted the trailer for the upcoming movie, Pan's Labyrinth.
The trailer can also be seen here.

I looked through some of the info on the site, about the concept, and it really does look interesting. Seeing a fairytale concept that really is made for adults (it's rated R) is rather different, these days. From what I've read, it uses a lot of very traditional fairytale elements (a feast where you should not eat, among others) and presents the Otherworld creatures as a little more dark than we're used to seeing them in media these days.

I just thought i'd pass on the info, in case anyone here was interested in checking it out.
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CdF online [Aug. 1st, 2006|10:04 am]
The Hidden Threads

The fourth online issue of Cabinet des Fées is now live. Poetry, fiction and essays by new and previous contributors awaits in Scheherezade's Bequest. Rosemary Moore takes a look at Angela Carter's Bluebeard and Julie Sinn describes how women in fairy tales have been portrayed in 1990's film. JoSelle Vanderhooft, Donna Quattrone and Amanda Downum have returned with poetry and prose and we have new selections by Patricia Russo, M. Lynn Johnson and Leah Bobet.

This month's online editorial features a special essay by Peter Hollinghurst, a digital alchemist who works with the stuff of myth, fairy tales and folklore.

Our second print issue will be a double issue and will be available sometime in September. The first print issue, containing art by Charles Vess, is still available for purchase here.

Our next reading period opens in September and as usual, we look forward to your submissions.
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Stiki? Wory? Storiki? Wikory? [Jun. 16th, 2006|12:11 pm]
The Hidden Threads
[i'm cross-posting this to my own LJ, so my apologies if you see it more than once.]

I'll explain the title in a minute.

A few weeks ago, while i was driving to work, i had an Idea. I wanted to pounce on it right then and there, to toss the idea around on LJ, get some folks all interested and get something rolling RIGHT NOW. Or right then, rather.

While i discussed the idea with 2-3 people, i haven't actually done overmuch about it as of yet. I could be all "No Really, I Did That On Purpose" and say that i wanted to let the Idea Juices ferment to see if time would make wine or vinegar of them. The simple truth is that i've just been incredibly busy/exhausted. But i have still been pondering, still thinking, and find that several weeks later, i still really want to do this. Or rather, i want to be a part of this.

So what's the This?

Well, it's behind a cut because i'm a horrible tease.Collapse )
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The first print issue of Cabinet des Fées is now available. [Jun. 1st, 2006|02:57 pm]
The Hidden Threads

For those who have not seen the notices elsewhere...

The lovely and talented erzebet has announced that the first print issue of Cabinet des Fées is now available.

From the site...

Here you'll find baubles and bling, rivers and roses, fools and fairies—you'll encounter children who know too much and adults who don't know when to leave well enough alone. We give you cautionary tales, tales of revenge and of the things we'll do for love. You'll find re-imaginings of of the traditional tales as well as several new.

The issue can be purchased here.
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Cabinet des Fees needs submissions [Apr. 13th, 2006|10:02 am]
The Hidden Threads

The lovely erzebet, editor of the Fairy Tale journal Cabinet des Fees is in need of more stories for the journal's third issue. As such, Erzebet has extended the reading period indefinitely.

Cabinet des Fees is a new quarterly publication from Prime Books which publishes original fairytales of 1,000 to 5,000 words as well as academic papers and editorials on fairytales. For more information, please take a gander at the website's submission guidelines.

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CdF reading period open [Mar. 7th, 2006|01:10 pm]
The Hidden Threads

The reading period for Cabinet des Fées is again open and we will be accepting submissions through March 31, 2006 for both the web and print versions of the magazine. Please check out our submissions guidelines for more information about what kind of stories we like, or read through the fiction archive to see what kind of stories we have previously published. Payment for stories accepted for the print version is $5.00 upon publication. We look forward to reading your tales.

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