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The Hidden Threads

calling the lost stories back to us...

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Once Upon A Time... Fairy Tales were not just for children.

Long before they were cleaned up and banished to the nursery to await further sanitization by Disney, these Stories told the hidden stories of people, everywhere.
They told of their hopes, their fears and their struggles. These tales were woven of the same threads that ran through the lives of the folk who gathered around to tell them again and again.

These same threads run through our lives, today.

Somewhere in that landscape of Enchanted Forests, Talking Beasts, Magic Spells, and Walking Huts, we can find the same themes that run through our everyday lives. In the stories of Princes, Princesses, Maidens, Witches and Miller's Sons, we can find bits and pieces of our own stories.

This community is a place for us to explore those common threads and discuss those themes which continue to touch our lives.

This is where we sing over the bones of those tales and bring them back to life...

This is a closed community. if you are interested in joining, send me an email telling me why. (nalidoll @ gmail.com)

It has been slow going around here, but I promise we'll wake up before the whole One Hundred Years is up.

To find many of these wonderful Tales and related resources online, check out The SurLaLune Fairy Tales Site.

The Endicott Studio Journal of Mythic Arts is well worth a visit. There are both visual and literary works inspired by myth, legend, folklore and fairy tales, and one of the best recommended reading lists I have seen.

Cabinet des Fees, an online journal of fairy tale fiction, is one of the projects that keeps our own dear erzebet so very busy.