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Books to share... [Apr. 12th, 2008|01:50 pm]
The Hidden Threads


I know, I know... two posts in one day here. I'm sure it is one of the signs of the Endtimes....

But though I be a seriously negligent community Mama, I do *think* often and fondly of having the time and brainpower to actually post here.

In the meantime...
We have a few folks about these parts who have published their own Fairy Tale Themed works.
I would love to see any/all of ya'll posting/sharing/pimping your own books and stories. My only requirement, really, is that it (of course) actually be Fairy Tale related. I'd very much like to see some explanation of which themes are explored in said writings, and perhaps review/discussion in comments where possible, but that is really up to ya'll.

A quick glance over what I have typed tells me I am quickly lapsing into Texan, so I'll cut this short. I probably need to eat, or something, so I can get back to communicating in actual English.